STEF-TFE opens largest cold store in Madrid

New site cuts energy consumption by 15% with innovative energy storage system during off-peak hours
SDF Iberica, a subsidiary of STEF-TFE, has opened a 15 100 m² fresh and frozen food facility in Torrejon near Madrid. STEF-TFE has invested 23 million € in the new facility which offers 116 000 m3 of temperature-controlled storage.
SDF has 24 multi-temperature platforms in the Iberian Peninsula, with a total capacity of 960 000 m3 of storage, including five in the Madrid region. The group’s clients include Carrefour and Dia and brands such as Nestlé and Unilever. The new facility comprises two refrigerated one deep-freeze area.
The first 12.5-m high, refrigerated room is set at 2°C and provides 47 000 m3 of storage including 8900 pallet spaces. The second is 14-m high and features a 5750 m3 loading wharf with 40 gates and cameras for monitoring the flow of goods.
A mobile ceiling will enable the storage capacity to be increased. The third storage area is a 2500 m² deep freeze set at -27°C. The 13.5-m-high store features mobile racks across half the space, and four mezzanine levels in the other half. Each mezzanine pillar can support 73 tonnes. The site has an energy-storage system based on eutectic nodules which can give back 300 kw of cold air under -12°C, providing 25% of the energy needed to refrigerate this section of the site. SDF expects to make savings of at least 15%. The facility also features refrigerants designed to minimize the impact on global warming, and LED lighting in the deep freeze section. Noise reduction has also been achieved using low-speed fans.
The company has also seen a 15% improvement in visibility by using grey racking instead of blue, as grey reflects the light rather than absorbing it, helping to reduce accidents. Jean-Charles Fromage, CEO and Managing Director of STEF-TFE, explains that the company has 6 sites in Madrid and is gearing up to open another site.