Suppression de la taxe carbone en Australie (en anglais)

Le gouvernement australien a décidé d'abolir la taxe carbone à partir du 1er Juillet 2014.
The Australian Government decided to abolish the carbon tax from 1 July 2014.

A communique from Australia’s minister for the environment Greg Hunt says that a review is needed to ensure continued protection of the environment, while reducing the complexity for businesses and individuals who operate under the legislation.

In the announcement, Greg Hunt acknowledges that alternative gases such as hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and ammonia when used safely play an important role in reducing the impact of refrigerants on ozone depletion and climate change. “However,” he says “many alternatives are highly flammable and toxic. This review will examine how to address potential risks which are being increasingly reported due to the impact of the carbon tax on Australia’s refrigeration and air-conditioning industry from the sudden jump in costs for synthetic greenhouse gases.”

This carbon tax, introduced in July 2012, is also accused to have led to dramatic increases in refrigerant prices. Taxes are applied according to a refrigerant’s global warming potential: some of the higher GWP gases have seen huge price increases.

As part of the carbon tax repeal process, the Australian Government has released in June 2014 an exposure draft of the Clean Energy Legislation (Carbon Tax Repeal) for consultation. Submission can be made until July 18, 2014.