The IIR's new Web portal has been launched

The IIR’s new refrigeration portal went online early July ( Most of you should have received an e-mail with all the necessary information regarding how to use it and take advantage of new online services available to members of the IIR and registered users. Here is a summary of this.

How to use the portal ?
All users should create an account:
.  IIR members and customers should click on   in the “Private access” box on the right side of the home page. Then please click on “Request a new password”. Then type your e-mail address and click on “Request a new password”. Finally, follow the instructions given in the confirmation e-mail.
. First-time users should click on the link “Subscribe to the portal” and follow the instructions.
Once their account is created, all visitors to the Web site of the IIR must log onto the portal by entering their user name (e-mail address) and password in the “Private access” box on the home page of the Web site.
If any difficulties arise, please consult the “First visit?” box on the home page. 

Which new online services are available?
During the launching period of the portal (until October 2011), thanks to your account, you will benefit from unique online services:
. IIR members are entitled to download 100 documents per month (IIR conference papers) free of charge via the Fridoc database. They have access to the full versions of the interactive IIR Expertise Directory and Laboratory Directory and to all review articles, thematic and regulation files. By August 2011, they will also be able to subscribe to e-mail alerts on the latest additions to Fridoc – which replace the Bulletin – latest news and coming events; they will be able to tailor these alerts according to their fields of interest.
IIR members will naturally continue to receive existing services such as free subscriptions to the Newsletter of the IIR (paper or PDF formats) and the International Journal of Refrigeration.
. First-time users and IIR customers will be entitled to download 30 documents per month (IIR conference papers) free of charge via the Fridoc database. They also will have the opportunity to subscribe to the Newsletter of the IIR (PDF format) for a 6-month period and to e-mail alerts on IIR news and events.
During the second phase, after the launching period of the portal, only corporate and private members of the IIR and certain IIR officers and member-country representatives will benefit from quotas of free downloads of documents in Fridoc and discounts on purchases over and above these quotas. Other visitors to the portal will be able to purchase documents once registered as portal users. During this second phase, new features will be set up, in particular a shopping basket enabling online purchases of Fridoc documents and IIR books via the bookshop.
Starting late 2011, IIR members will be able to consult on line the IIR’s International Dictionary of Refrigeration in 11 languages. 

Please do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions in order to improve the new portal and help us to adapt it to your needs!