The International Journal of Refrigeration (IJR)

The IJR is the most important scientific journal in the field of refrigeration technology. It is a co-publication of Elsevier and the IIR. Eight issues are published each year, with over 15 articles per issue. Certain issues are totally or partially dedicated to special subjects. A network of IIR officers in the different regions of the world reviews the articles. Articles are mostly in English, but French articles are also accepted and titles and keywords are always in both languages. The article acceptance rate is between 50 and 60%. Most articles have a specific focus, but we regularly publish review articles, which are among the most frequently downloaded articles. Updated versions of papers formerly presented at IIR conferences can afterwards be published in the IJR after the usual peer review process. The abstracts are inserted in the IIR's Fridoc database. The most frequent subjects are heat and mass transfer problems; general refrigeration and cycles; modelling, simulation, optimization, energy efficiency and control of processes; absorption/adsorption; air conditioning; refrigerants. We now have the data for the year 2005 and it is important to comment on them: -they confirm the position of the Journal, which is 21st out of 104 in the mechanical engineering field and 12th out of 41 titles in the thermodynamics field. The impact factor is 0.874, relatively stabilized now, at a very good level for engineering sciences. -they confirm the domination of Asia (essentially Eastern Asia) for submitted and accepted articles (almost 40%). China is first, followed by South Korea. Europe remains in second position and is now just behind Asia. The USA is in 3rd position. If you are a member (private or corporate member of the IIR), you receive the IJR free of charge. Non-members can also subscribe to it. Please contact Susan Phalippou at the head office of the IIR: If you are a scientist in refrigeration technology, either in a university or in a private company, present papers in the Journal. The regional editors are P. Domanski (USA),; M. Lallemand (France),; T. Q. Pham (Australia),; A. Saito (Japan), and F. Ziegler (Germany),; The Editor-in-chief is H. Auracher, For more details, please contact one of them.