The ISPM 15 Norm for wood pallets will enter into force March 1, 2005

As of March 1, 2005 , the provisions included in Directive 2004/102/EC will enter into force: the EU will require ISPM-15 compliance on new wood packaging material. Only the entry into force of the provision requiring wood packaging material coming from third countries to be made from debarked round wood will be postponed to March 1, 2006 . Hence, all new wood packaging material entering the EU will have to comply with the following requirements. - be treated according to one of the following methods: heat treatment or fumigation with methyl bromide. - display a mark with: the ISO country code and the producer code assigned by the National Plant Protection Organisation; the code specifying which treatment method has been used; and the IPPC symbol (only for wood packaging material manufactured after February 28, 2005 ). For wood packaging material manufactured before February 28, 2005 , until December 31, 2007 , the mark should only contain the country code, the producer code and the treatment code. After January 1, 2008 , all wood packaging material will need to have the full ISPM 15 mark, including the IPPC logo. Furthermore, pallets already in circulation or in storage before February 28, 2005 must be treated and marked, but on a temporary basis until December 31, 2007 . The IPPC logo is not required. The Directive can be consulted at: