The new e-Bulletin

Many of you are already aware that the Bulletin of the IIR is now being provided in electronic form. The new e-Bulletin, available via Internet, contains all the information provided in the paper version of the Bulletin: abstracts of articles and books, a review article, the IIR and IIR-co-sponsored conference agenda and other events in the refrigeration field. We have developed features that make the e-Bulletin pleasant to read: colour, new graphics and an interactive menu for the abstracts section. We received several positive messages following the launching of e-Bulletin 2006-2, the first electronic issue. Every 2 months, those of you who receive the Bulletin will now receive an e-mail message announcing the publication of the latest e-Bulletin. All you need to do is to click on the link provided, then key in your login and password in order to access the e-Bulletin. If you have lost your login and password, these will be sent to you automatically: please click on "Forgotten your password?" Unfortunately, for some of you, we seem to have an incorrect e-mail address: the message we sent you bounced. So, please send your e-mail to the following address as soon as possible: Click on in order to discover issue 2006-3 of the e-Bulletin right away!