Towards a heat pump boom in Switzerland?

Swiss government aims to install 400 000 heat pumps by 2020.
Following the Fukushima disaster in Japan, the Swiss federal government decided to phase out nuclear power which currently provides 40% of Swiss electricity (the rest being generated from hydro plants). The last existing nuclear plants will be decommissioned from 2019-2030 when they will have reached the end of their planned lifespan.
Extension of the hydro power grid is being considered and better energy efficiency is becoming a priority, which is a unique opportunity for heat pump technology.

Heat pump sales reached a peak in 2009 with 21 000 units sold, then subsided. However, the government’s aim to reach 400 000 installations by 2020 would entail that a third of Swiss households would then be using a heat pumps as a primary source of space heating. Air-to-water systems currently account for over half of the installations, the remainder being water-to-water.

IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter, Sweden
JARN December 2012