Transport frigorifique: le R452A comme alternative au R404A

Thermo King et Carrier Transicold ont tous deux annoncé récemment qu'ils vont offrir le R452A comme alternative "drop-in" au R404A dans leurs unités de transport frigorifique.
Two major transport refrigeration companies recently announced they will offer R452A as an alternative to R404A in their transport refrigeration units.

Thermo King has confirmed the first delivery in Europe of the new SLXe units with the R452A refrigerant to Il Gruppo Lando, the Italian operator of the iperlando and Lando supermarket chains.

Carrier Transicold, stated that while it was actively working towards replacing current HFC refrigerants with CO2, it will soon introduce R452A as an option across its Vector trailer refrigeration and Supra truck refrigeration product ranges. Customers will also have the option to convert existing units to operate on R452A.

According to Thermo King and Carrier Transicold, R452A offers the same cooling capacity, pull-down, reliability and fuel efficiency as R404A. In addition, micro-channel condensers allow for an even lower refrigerant charge.

R404A is particularly impacted by the EU revised F-gas Regulation, which entered into force on 1 January 2015, due to its high GWP (3922). R452A cannot be considered as low-GWP refrigerant due to its relatively high GWP of 2140.
However, it has the advantage of being a “drop-in” alternative to R404A.