Trends and markets: AC market

- According to a recent BSRIA press release, the air-conditioning market contracted by 11% compared to 2008, reaching USD 63.2 million in 2009. It is expected to see a slow recovery in 2010 with an expected growth rate of around 5%. In terms of distribution, Asia Pacific remains the largest world region for air-conditioning (AC) sales (49% of the total market). The Chinese market, the largest market in the world, produced 66% of the world-air conditioning units in 2009, a 7% increase, compared with 2008. It is followed closely by the Japanese market, with a value of USD 10.5 billion, which puts the USA market in third position with USD 8.7 billion in 2009. However, it is expected to regain its initial second position by 2013. The European market was hit the hardest and declined by 25% by value. The worst affected markets were Turkey, the UK, Russia, Poland, Italy, Greece, Germany and Spain, but the overall European market is expected to show its first signs of recovery this year with around 3% growth compared to last year. - Similar trends are expected by Global Industry Analysts which estimates that the global market for air-conditioning systems is expected to recover from the recession and a fall in growth and reach 78.8 million units in volume sales by 2015. Growth in the short- to medium term period will be driven by factors such as focus on energy efficient air conditioners including inverter based air conditioners, growing replacement needs in mature markets such as the US and Europe and rising demand from developing markets such as Asia-Pacific.