Un bracelet thermoélectrique pour un refroidissement partiel du corps

Une équipe du Massachusetts Institute of Technology vient de développer un bracelet thermoélectrique qui surveille la température de l'air et de la peau et envoie en conséquence au niveau du poignet des impulsions sous forme d'ondes de chaleur ou de froid (en anglais).
Increasing thermal comfort by cooling body parts currently raises a lot of interest.
A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently developed a thermoelelectric bracelet that monitors air and skin temperature sending tailored pulses of hot or cold waveforms to the wrist.

The team earned the USD 10,000 1st prize at this year’s MADMEC competition and estimates that if such a device could stop a building from adjusting its temperature by as little as 1°C, it could save around 100kwh per month.
They found they needed to heat or cool any body part at a rate of at least 0.1°C per second to make the entire body, overall, feel several degrees warmer or colder.

The prototype, resembling a wristwatch, can be powered for up to eight hours by a lithium polymer battery and demonstrates a rate of change of up to 0.4°C per second.
It consists of a custom copper-alloy-based heat sink attached to an automated control system with integrated thermometers, that manage the intensity and duration of the thermal pulses