Un nouveau conditionneur d'air avec caméra 3D

Le fabricant japonais Hitachi a récemment dévoilé un conditionneur d'air équipé d'une camera 3D.
Japanese manufacturer Hitachi recently unveiled nine models of residential air conditioners with an unusual feature. The Stainless Clean Shirokuma-kun X series units features the company's "Living Camera 3D" technology.
Living camera 3D is composed of three separate parts.

An "image camera" is designed to determine the exact location of people in the room.

A "thermal camera" is designed to make an estimate of the temperature of the person as well as ambient temperature.

The "things camera" is designed to calculate the floor plan, as well as the position and shape of furniture within the room via a near-infrared LED. This allows the air conditioner to enable the warm air blow thus eliminating blocking by furniture.