Un nouveau guide AREA sur la formation et les certifications concernant les frigorigènes à faible GWP (en anglais).

AREA a publié un guide sur les exigences minimales relatives à la formation et à la certification des opérateurs concernant les frigorigènes à faible GWP.
AREA, Air conditioning and Refrigeration European Association, has updated its Guidance on minimum requirements for contractors’ training & certification on low GWP Refrigerants. The revision includes lists of training facilities in Europe. The list provides website addresses and information on the type of training (theoretical and/or practical) by type of low-GWP refrigerant.

AREA first issued the guidance in June 2011 with two objectives: to set the general AREA position on use of low GWP refrigerants and to set the basic competence requirements for RACHP contractors dealing with low GWP refrigerants.

As a reminder, the new EU F-Gas Regulation requires that Member States ensure the availability of training for persons who wish to update their knowledge, notably on technologies to replace or reduce the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases.