Un nouveau master sur la sécurité alimentaire

L'Institut Polytechnique LaSaalle à Beauvais (France) a lancé en septembre 2013 un master "Management de la sécurité alimentaire des villes" en partenariat avec l'IIF.
In September 2013, the Polytechnic Institute of LaSalle in Beauvais, France launched a Master degree in the “Management of Food Safety in Cities”, certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and partnered with the IIR.

This course endeavors to train local architects in the development of food security. Upon graduation, students will hold leadership positions in the food security sector where their practical and operative skills can advance growth.

From September to April, the 8 unit programme (120 credits) is taught in French.
In addition to the cursus, there are two internships: four months from May to August in France followed by a second in the graduate’s country of origin or an international organization.