Un nouveau minuscule système de refroidissement pour satellite (en anglais)

Lockheed Martin a conçu un minuscule système de refroidissement pour satellite trois fois plus puissant. (en anglais)
For satellites carrying sophisticated sensors and cameras in space, keeping the components at cryogenic temperatures is vital. However, liquid helium contained in cryostat is heavy, bulky and expensive to launch.

Lockheed Martin developed The High Power Microcryocooler, a smaller cryocooler but three times more powerful (until 150 watts per kilogram) and capable of reaching temperatures as low as -195°C.

Its compact design and its weight (less than 0.4 kg) allow more sensitive IR sensors and more affordable launches. According to Jeffrey Olson, a research scientist at Lockheed, “this will make a difference for technology in space, on naval ships and aboard aircraft”.