Un refroidisseur de bières fonctionnant à l’air ambiant pourrait diminuer les factures d’électricité (en anglais)

Un refroidisseur de bières, utilisant le froid naturel, pourrait diminuer les factures d’électricité de 40% (en anglais)
A new ambient beer cooler, using free cooling when available, is said to be capable of cutting cellar cooling energy bills by up to 40%. The J & E Hall ambient beer cooler uses winter outdoor ambient air to help keep cellars cool and save money.

Most beer cellars are kept at 10°C and UK temperatures between October and April often fall below that figure. When outdoor temperatures drop below 8°C the fan-operated cooler brings cold air into the beer cellar reducing the temperature and switching off the main refrigeration cellar cooler system while drawing cold air from outside.

When temperatures rise above this level, the ambient beer cooler turns itself off and reverts back to the main refrigerated cellar cooling system.

According to J & E Hall product sales manager Tony Twine, it is estimated that up to a quarter of a pub’s energy bill can be accounted for by its refrigeration requirements resulting in a need for more cost effective solutions.