Un système de refroidissement liquide amélioré pour la Surface Pro 4 de Microsoft.

La technique de "refroidissement liquide hybride" utilisée permet une meilleure répartition de la chaleur.
When running CPU intensive tasks, generated heat can be important for computers. On Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, the heat, contacting with a copper heat pipe filled with water is transformed into vapor. Although effective, the heat remains concentrated in a particular area of the device.

In Surface Pro 4, Microsoft has improved the liquid cooling system.  Two liquid-filled heat pipes pull thermal energy from the processor. The vapor is diverted in two directions inside the SP4 to condense back into  liquid: one to the fan, and the other to a copper plate that sits under the kickstand.

The technology allows a better heat distribution, making the SP4 feel a bit cooler. Apparently, a similar system will be used in  Lumia 950 and 950XL mobile devices.