Un système de refroidissement pour les astronefs pénétrant dans l'atmosphère martienne.

Une équipe de scientifiques a conçu un système de refroidissement pour éviter la surchauffe lors de l'entrée dans l'atmosphère martienne.
An international team of scientists has designed a cooling system for spacecraft entering the Martian atmosphere. The researchers from the Indian Institute of Science and the National Institute of Technology at Japan’s Kisarazu College say that typical entry velocities into the Martian atmosphere vary from 4km/s to 9km/s (9,000 mph to 20,000 mph). At these entry speeds, spacecraft are subjected to severe aerodynamic heating.
The technique involves passing of a coolant gas through a porous wall that absorbs the heat and gets blown away. The coolant gas forms a film on the outer surface of the spacecraft, absorbing heat from the molecules that it comes in contact with, via convection. The heated coolant gas is then flushed downstream by the continuous supply of gas from the spacecraft.

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