Unassuming energy saving device

The eCube energy saving device is designed to reduce energy consumption by at least 25%. It takes into account product temperatures instead of fluctuating air temperatures in refrigerators, freezes, chillers, coolers, dispensers and cold rooms. It can be fitted to existing and new equipment. The tiny (7.5-cm) wax device costs a mere GBP 25 and it has been estimated that if all 87 million refrigeration units in Britain were fitted with it, CO2 emissions would fall by 2 million tonnes/year. The device is placed around the fridge's sensor that usually measures the temperature of the circulating air. Trials in supermarkets, breweries and hotels show that energy consumption is slashed 30% thanks to the eCube. The Riverbank Plaza Hotel in London is saving GBP 17 000 annually, and plans to use the eCube abroad. Greene King breweries is set to, save GBP 3.5 million/year thanks to the device. 10 000 eCubes have already been sold.