USA : l'EPA propose un calendrier définitif d'élimination du R22 (en anglais)

L'agence de protection de l'environnement américaine a récemment publié sa proposition de calendrier d'élimination totale du R22.
The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently released its proposal for the final phase-out timeline of R22.

Under the proposal, EPA’s preferred consumption allocation for 2015-2019 would be: 13,608 tons in 2015, 10,886 tons in 2016, 8,165 tons in 2018, 2,721 in 2019, and zero in 2020. However, one of the variations included in the proposal would bring the allocation to zero by 2018.

EPA is sending a strong signal that R22 will be phased out by 2020. Given these reductions in production, supplies will continue to get tighter and prices continue to increase.