Yokohama e yokoso !

Du 16 au 22 août 2015, le Congrès International du Froid de l'IIF réunira les acteurs-clés du secteur du froid du monde entier à Yokohama, au Japon.
From 16 to 22 August 2015, the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR), recognised internationally as a milestone refrigeration event, will bring together key refrigeration stakeholders from across the globe at the Pacifico Yokohama convention centre in Japan.

At ICR2015 these stakeholders, from all sectors and all levels, will share their knowledge and research to promote more energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the refrigeration sector.

Engaging workshops in all refrigeration fields

Quality workshops are pivotal to the ICR programme. This year’s selection covers a wide range of designs, demonstrations, and application of techniques. Workshops will explore hot refrigeration topics, providing the perfect occasion to exchange with stakeholders building the refrigeration industry of tomorrow. Accordingly, the IIR is highly involved in the organization of 4 workshops:

1.    International Energy Agency HPP Annex 41- Cold Climate Heat Pumps
2.    IIR Working Party on Life Cycle Climate Performance Evaluation,
3.    ELICiT, an EU project on magnetic refrigeration for domestic refrigerators.

Two additional on the same theme are “Magnetic Refrigeration for Commercial Refrigerated Appliances” and “Magnetic Refrigeration: Materials & Systems for Commercialization”.

4.    DataBase and Simulation Tools for Refrigeration on Cold Chain: Frisbee Database and Tools
This is the first workshop in the framework of FRISBEE International, an extension of the FRISBEE project beyond Europe, bringing it to stakeholders on an international level.

For the full list, visit icr2015/workshops

Students and Researchers Network  

In collaboration with the UK Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), the IIR will organize their second Students and Young Researchers network. The event will provide the occasion for students and early-stage researchers to meet leading experts in the refrigeration and air conditioning field (RAC) in the concept of speed networking.

E-learning at the forefront of refrigeration

At the IIR booth, conference participants will have the opportunity to meet the REAL Alternatives project development team, learning firsthand about this free new e-learning tool on Alternative Refrigerants. Learn more

IIR statutory bodies meet, planning the future

IIR Congresses offer an opportunity for IIR statutory bodies to hold meetings during which officers and committee members are elected for the Science and Technology Council and the Management Committee.

In addition, several other IIR meetings, open to IIR members, will also take place during the congress including the 10 IIR commissions on the Wednesday, 19 August from 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

A special meeting dedicated to “Women in Refrigeration” will be held on Tuesday, 18 August at 18:30 directly after meetings of three IIR Working Groups and a Sub-Commission from 17:30 to 18:30.

For the full list of meetings, visit

Winners of the IIR Scientific Awards

Finally, one of the most exciting moments at any ICR are the IIR Scientific Awards.
The IIR will take the opportunity to honor the winners of these prestigious accolades during the awards banquet. The laureates will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the field of refrigeration or their exceptional research work.