53e Conférence internationale de l'AiCARR

From NZEB to ZEB: the buildings of the next decades for a healthy and sustainable future

The adopted revision of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires that by 2028 all newly-constructed buildings will be zero emission (ZEB, Zero Emission Building), and all existing buildings will have to become zero emissions by 2050. Such obligations will concern all residential and not-residential buildings (with some exceptions) and will provide for the achievement of challenging energy classes.


The 53rd AiCARR International Conference will present contributions of interest to the HVAC sector, relating to innovative design approaches, new monitoring and control systems, new components and systems, with related insights into their impact on energy consumption and comfort.


NZEB: Nearly Zero Emission Building


  • Date de début : 12 mars 2024
  • Date de fin : 13 mars 2024
  • Lieu : Milan, Italie
  • Organisateurs : Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AiCARR)


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  • Mots-clés : N/A