Webinaire : REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE – Résultats du projet

Three years ago, several partners came together to design e-learning and “train the trainer” programmes to change attitudes towards the use of low GWP alternative refrigerants, including flammables (HFCs and HFOs), carbon dioxide and ammonia, in Europe. The programme “REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE “ was co-funded by 8 organisations representing 6 countries, as well as the EU LIFE environment programme, to support EU climate objectives.


Hear from those who have been involved in developing the e-learning platform, information booklets, study days, technician training and policy maker meetings that make up REAL Alternatives.

Find out about the challenges that were addressed, the outcomes of the project and how the programme has grown to a network of 19 national leads, extending beyond Europe and delivering so far over 500 Certifications.

Hear how inconsistencies in training between countries are being standardised, how you can access free training and what the plans are for the future of the programme.


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  • Date : 28 mai 2020
  • Adresse : Online
  • Organisateurs : REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE
  • Contact : pr@ior.org.uk


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