Champs d’application des pompes à chaleur de grande taille et défis pour l’aménagement

Fields of application of large-scale heat pumps and challenges in planning.

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Large-scale heat pumps are increasingly used in the heat supply. The challenge in creating a heating concept for the use of large-scale heat pumps is the balance between cost efficiency and CO2-emissions. certain criteria such as the innovation of supply concept and technologies, the reduction of CO2-emission and the acceptance as well as the cost-effectiveness must be taken into account in advance. Heat pump systems and concepts on this scale require appropriate design and pre-planning.
Large-scale heat pumps have the potential to be used in many different ways. In this paper, five examples of heat pump integration will be presented, from neighborhoods, building blocks and the use of waste heat for district supply. These projects show that a significant contribution can be made to increase the share of renewable energy in the heat supply. It can be shown that it is theoretically possible to cover the heat demand up to 100% via the application of heat pumps. Furthermore, enormous ecological potentials can be demonstrated. Compared to gas boilers, CO2 reductions of 50 - 90% can be achieved.

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  • Titre original : Fields of application of large-scale heat pumps and challenges in planning.
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  • Source : 14th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2023, Chicago, Illinois.
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