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2018 Purdue Conferences. 5th International High Performance Buildings Conference at Purdue.

Conférences de Purdue 2018. 5e Conférence internationale sur les bâtiments à haute performance à Purdue.

Date : 2018.07.09 / 2018.07.12

Lieu : West Lafayette, IN, Etats-Unis


This 5th International High Performance Buildings Conference is one of 3 Purdue Conferences presented on the same CD-ROM , held at Purdue, West Lafayette (Indiana), USA. 91 papers were presented on the following themes: building envelope systems, indoor environment and air quality, visual and thermal comfort, building energy modeling and simulation, building materials, lighting and daylighting, building performance monitoring and diagnostics, HVAC systems, mixed-mode cooling and natural ventilation, building controls, net-zero energy building design, renewable and sustainable energy technologies for buildings, and related case studies on high performance building design and operation. The two other Purdue Conferences presented on the CD-ROM are: the 24th International Compressor engineering Conference (132 papers), and the 17th International Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Conference (251 papers).

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