Développement d’un outil équipé d’une caméra pour surveiller l’interaction non binaire des occupants avec les fenêtres et les stores. 

Development of a camera-based tool to monitor non-binary occupants’ interaction with windows and shadings.


In building energy calculation, several energy fluxes can be associated to occupants interacting with building services such as light or HVAC system switching on/off, the thermostat settings as well as window and shading operation. These interactions - always caused by discomfort - are undertaken to restore comfort but can have consequences on the final energy demand. Thus, an accurate building energy simulation for both new and retrofit building design needs to correctly represent people’s behavior.
In this paper, a new measurement approach has been developed to collect information about the window’s opening angle and shading position, both measured continuously along time. To achieve this, a camera setup connected to a Raspberry Pi microprocessor is designed to track window movements through a color recognition algorithm coded in Matlab. The examined windows and shadings are color coded on the moving parts with rectangular targets. The camera is equipped with wide angle lenses and a physical barrier to be able to capture all present windows and shading simultaneously while ensuring the privacy of occupants.
Preliminary results show that the proposed monitoring system can monitor window opening angles and shading levels, dealing simultaneously with multiple windows. The validation of the method will allow to develop accurate behavioral models based on the obtained data to analyze and suggest improvements for the indoor air quality of classrooms. Moreover, the output data from this equipment can be used to model the window opening free area and perform calculation on the ventilation rate according to EN 16798-7.

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  • Titre original : Development of a camera-based tool to monitor non-binary occupants’ interaction with windows and shadings.
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  • Source : 2022 Purdue Conferences. 7th International High Performance Buildings Conference at Purdue.
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