Feuille de route technologique. Bâtiments efficaces sur le plan énergétique : équipements de chauffage et de refroidissement.

Technology roadmap. Energy-efficient buildings: heating and cooling equipment.

Auteurs : TAYLOR M.

Type de monographie : Brochure


This work was guided by the IEA Committee on Energy Research and Technology. Its members provided important reviews and comments that helped to improve the document which outlines a set of quantitative measures and qualitative actions that define one global pathway for heating and cooling technology deployment to 2050. Several key building technologies for space and water heating, heat storage, cooling and dehumidification are also covered.
Extract from the table of contents: status of heating and cooling technologies today (active solar thermal; combined heat and power; heat pumps; thermal energy storage); vision for heating and cooling technology deployment; technology development: milestones and actions; heating and cooling technology policy: strategic goals and actions.