Le point sur l'efficacité énergétique : ateliers REHVA à Clima 2007 + CD-ROM.

Energy efficiency in focus: REHVA workshops at Clima 2007 + CD-ROM.

Date : 1900.01.01


This report includes conclusions of some selected papers, and reports from 11 (out of 19) technical workshops (that were mostly related to the energy efficiency of buildings), organized by REHVA during the Clima 2007 Congress, held in Helsinki, Finland. The objective of these advanced HVAC and energy technology workshops was to provide an opportunity for two-way communication between the expert speakers and their audiences on the selected subjects. Extract from the table of contents: web based learning for the energy performance of Buildings Directive; inspection methods of air conditioning and ventilation systems; enhanced use of weather data and forecasts to improve the energy efficiency and indoor environment in buildings; advanced sustainable energy technologies for cooling and heating applications; low-temperature heating and high temperature cooling systems for high/performance build environments; economics of indoor climate; how to develop cost effective methods, programs and technology to reduce energy use of existing residential buildings in Europe. The CD-ROM contains the power point presentations given in all workshops. They are also available for download at the Website: www.rehva.eu.


  • Titre original : Energy efficiency in focus: REHVA workshops at Clima 2007 + CD-ROM.
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  • Édition : Rehva (federation of european heating, ventilation and air-conditioning associations) - Belgique/Belgique/Finlande/Finlande
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    Clima 2007, REHVA Rep., Helsinki

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