Performance en terme d'absorption par écoulement ondulé d'un film vertical tombant.

Absorption performance by wavy flow of the vertical falling film.

Auteurs : KIM J., CHO K.


The study investigated numerically and experimentally the heat and mass transfer enhancement of a vertical absorber with different geometries. The energy and diffusion equations were solved simultaneously to give the temperature and concentration profiles. Absorption characteristics were predicted for the falling film of the LiBr aqueous solution in contact with refrigerant vapour inside the absorber. The waviness of the falling film for different geometries of the inner absorber tube affected the heat and mass transfer rates through the falling film. Absorption rates for the wavy film flow were larger by approximately 10% than those for uniform film flow. As the waviness of the film flow was increased, the absorption mass flux and heat transfer coefficient were increased. The maximum absorption rate was obtained for the film flow with a spring. The differences between the measured and predicted absorption rates ranged from 6 to 12%.


  • Titre original : Absorption performance by wavy flow of the vertical falling film.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2007-0173
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : ACRA-2006. Proceedings of the 3rd Asian conference on refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Date d'édition : 21/05/2006


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