Recherche portant sur le rapport optimal du volume d'air par rapport au débit massique d'eau dans un condenseur évaporatif.

[In Chinese. / En chinois.]

Auteurs : SHEN J., LU K., LIU L., et al.

Type d'article : Article


The influence of air volume to water flowrate ratio on heat and mass transfer was investigated in the test bench designed by the authors with oval tube evaporative condenser of parallel flow. Through research on the change of wind speed and spray density, it is found that the optimum air volume and water mass flowrate per unit heat transfer area to area are 299.9 m3 (h.m2) and 0.63 kg/(h.m2) respectively, and the best face velocity of air and spraying density are 3.28 m/s and 0.057 kg/(m.s) respectively. The heat transfer coefficient measured at dry condition is only 1/10 of the normal working condition, which fully proves that the heat is mainly taken away by the latent in evaporative condenser. It is also pointed out that the performance of the whole system should be comprehensively considered in the process of design to ensure the best EER of the system.

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