Réfrigérateur miniaturisé

Microminiature refrigeration.

Auteurs : LITTLE W. A.


The dramatic growth of industrial cryogenics in the past century has overshadowed the need for cryogenics on a smaller scale. Today, small scale, MEMS or microminiature refrigerators constitute a small part of the field, but one with a unique role to play, often in instrumentation. Key attributes of these coolers have proved to be their small size, low noise, fast response, and low cost. The small size has enabled the integration of the instrument and cooler. The fast response and low noise have made possible instruments of unique capabilities. Opportunities exist for the seamless integration of cryogenics in other products, but to succeed here, companies need strength in both cryogenics and a broad range of other disciplines, including materials science, electronics, and software. To offset economies of scale, new fabrication technologies have had to be created, and others are needed. Some key elements remain to be developed before more widespread use of this technology will be seen. Better miniature heat exchangers and regenerators are needed. Development of miniature compressors to power the coolers could herald a new world of cooled devices analogous to the revolution created by fractional horsepower electric motors in the past fifty years. Opportunities abound!


  • Titre original : Microminiature refrigeration.
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  • Date d'édition : 16/07/2007
  • Source : Source : Adv. cryog. Eng., Trans. CEC/AIP Conf. Proc./Proc. CEC, Chattanooga, Tennessee
    vol. 53; CP985; 597-605; fig.; phot.; 26 ref.