Simulation d’un MCP intégré à une pompe à chaleur avec une stratégie de régulation basée sur la structure tarifaire de l’électricité en fonction de l’heure d'utilisation pour la réponse à la demande.

Simulation of a PCM integrated heat pump using time-of-use utility structure based control strategy for demand response.


To mitigate the variation in demand on the electric grid, thermal energy storage (TES) is an alternative to electric batteries and constructing new peaking power plants. The aggressive carbon reduction goals of the United States are accelerating the electrification of building equipment. If space heating and cooling in the US were electrified using conventional heat pump technologies, the winter electric grid peak would approximately double. Integrating TES with heat pump (HP) enables electrification of space cooling and heating devices without overtaxing the grid.
This paper evaluates the benefits of a novel phase change material (PCM) integrated heat pump configuration via simulation. A one-dimensional PCM heat exchanger model which discretizes the PCM tank and refrigerant tubes into small control volumes is developed. Each control volume can have different PCM temperatures, PCM properties, and heat transfer coefficients. The PCM tank is charged by a wrapped tank condenser and discharged by an internal refrigerant coil. The PCM heat exchanger model is integrated into DOE/ORNL Heat Pump Design Model for heat pump system simulation.
To demonstrate the performance of the PCM integrated heat pump, a case study in Chicago was performed. A Time-of-Use utility structure-based control strategy is implemented to schedule the PCM tank charging and discharging mode switching. Compared with a conventional electric heat pump, the PCM integrated heat pump shows superior performance on load shifting and utility cost reduction. As a result, the proposed system demonstrates 24.6% utility saving for cooling application and 25.8% utility saving for heating application.

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  • Titre original : Simulation of a PCM integrated heat pump using time-of-use utility structure based control strategy for demand response.
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  • Source : 2022 Purdue Conferences. 19th International Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Conference at Purdue.
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