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Simulation de processus et intégration du stockage d'énergie par air liquide (LAES) dans le contexte de l'électricité éolienne.

Process simulation and integration of liquid air energy storage (LAES) in the context of wind electricity.

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This paper sets out a technical justification for buffering of wind energy variability and intermittency by installing a liquid air energy storage (LAES) system. This system stores excess wind power energy in the form of liquid air using cryogenic liquefaction. When required, LAES returns energy to the circuit. Such buffering of wind energy variability brings huge impact to power grid management.
The article provides various opportunities to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. It includes a description of a methodology of incorporating LAES into wind power system. The technology is put into the economic model and the results are unveiled. Thermodynamic analysis is carried out in order to investigate the best system performance. The result shows that the increases of compressor adiabatic efficiency, turbine inlet pressure and inlet temperature all have beneficial effect.
It is found that the liquid air energy storage system demonstrates such advantages as high energy density, no geographical restrictions and low investments required. These features make LAES prospective for storing wind power on a large scale. This system can also help to alleviate the issues caused by spread of renewable energy in the context of the low-carbon technologies in future networks.
Liquid air energy storage systems offer attractive solutions for increasing challenges in wind power generation and transmission.

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  • Titre original : Process simulation and integration of liquid air energy storage (LAES) in the context of wind electricity.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 30029001
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Source : Cryogenics 2021 online. Proceedings of the 16th IIR International Conference, October 5-7, 2021.
  • Date d'édition : 05/10/2021
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