Systèmes de pointe multiétagés à sorption au LiBr-H2O. 1.

Zaawansowane wielostopniowe systemy sorpcyjne w ukladzie LiBr-H2O. 1.

Auteurs : BRAK G., CYKLIS P.

Type d'article : Article


Contemporary sorption systems are based on multistage multi-effect thermodynamic cycles. They allow wider operating conditions, and particularly higher source temperatures to be achieved. Additionally also higher COP is possible to obtain. On the other side those systems are significantly more expensive than simple one stage systems, so they are constantly under development. In the paper, wide comparison of multi-element sorption systems being in the production stage, as well as in the research phase have been shown. The thermodynamic cycles, range of operating conditions and COP have been compared. Also operational costs of those designs have been shown. Energy balance equation for thermodynamic cycle is also shown. See also this Bulletin, reference 2006-2360.

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Pages : 462-467


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  • Titre original : Zaawansowane wielostopniowe systemy sorpcyjne w ukladzie LiBr-H2O. 1.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2006-2361
  • Langues : Polonais
  • Source : Technika Chlodnicza i Klimatyzacyjna - vol. 12 - n. 12
  • Date d'édition : 12/2005


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