Thermodynamique des régénérateurs actifs magnétiques. II.

Thermodynamics of active magnetic regenerators. II.

Auteurs : ROWE A.

Type d'article : Article


Governing equations for the thermodynamics of an active magnetic regenerator (AMR) are used to analyze the performance of simplified cycles operating with idealized magnetocaloric material. An idealized material with a magnetocaloric effect that varies linearly with temperature is assumed. Results are presented for cases where balance and symmetry are equal to one (ß=s=1) and the refrigerant specific heat is constant. Under these conditions, the temperature distribution, cooling power, work rate, and efficiency are determined for various values of entrained fluid thermal mass (R). A set of sample results are presented for each case as a function of utilization, temperature span, and conductance. Results from the simplified thermodynamic theory are briefly compared to experimental results from the literature. [Reprinted with permission from Elsevier. Copyright, 2011].