Un nouveau cryorefroidisseur à tube à pulsation de 4 K à trois étages.

A novel three-stage 4 K pulse tube cryocooler.

Auteurs : WANG C.


A three-stage pulse tube cryocooler has been successfully developed at Cryomech, Inc. to provide cooling capacities at temperatures around 45, 15 and 4 K. Unlike a conventional staged pulse tube cryocooler, this three-stage pulse tube cryocooler uses a middle bypass to build the 2nd stage cooling station. This design allows us to use parts from the author's two-stage pulse tube cryocooler, such as the ambient temperature phase shifters, and heat exchangers. The new design makes the cold head more compact and simplifies manufacturing. The three-stage pulse tube cryocooler reaches temperatures of 29.3, 8.7 and 2.38 K on three stages in 74 min. It can provide 37 W at 45 K, 15 W at 15 K and 0.3 W at 3.97 K simultaneously with an input power of 11.0 kW.


  • Titre original : A novel three-stage 4 K pulse tube cryocooler.
  • Identifiant de la fiche : 2008-1062
  • Langues : Anglais
  • Date d'édition : 14/06/2006
  • Source : Source : Proc. 14th int. Cryocooler Conf., Annapolis, MD
    163-169; fig.; phot.; 9 ref.