Une approche générale par modélisation pour un échangeur de chaleur complexe à froid évaporatif basé sur le balayage spatial.

[In Chinese. / En chinois.]

Auteurs : LI X., YANG M., SHI W., et al.

Type d'article : Article


In order to overcome the disadvantages of existing modeling methods of the complex evaporative cooling heat exchangers, a general modeling approach based on spatial scanning theory is proposed. In this approach,the 3-D heat exchanger is divided into calculation nodes according to its spatial location. Each node is regarded as a micro heat exchanger,and connected with each other through air, water/solution, and/or refrigerant. An iterative algorithm is developed based on conservation of energy and mass of nodes in steady flow and steady-state heat transfer. Finally, the model is verified by comparing the simulated results and the experimental results of two closed-type wet cooling towers. Results show that the proposed model is highly accurate and reliable. This model can be used to simulate the performance of the evaporative cooling heat exchanger with complicated configurations and flow under different modes.

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Pages : 46-52


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