Allemagne : un nouveau système de pompe à chaleur fonctionnant au propane pour les supermarchés (en anglais)

Le supermarché discount Aldi et la société Viessmann se sont associés pour un programme énergétique conjoint consistant en un système d'énergie durable utilisant des pompes à chaleur au propane.

The discount retailer Aldi and the refrigeration company Viessmann presented a joint energy program at the EuroShop exhibition that took place in March 2017 in Düsseldorf. This program consists in a sustainable energy system called ESyCool Green employing propane heat pumps in combination with optimized cooling cabinets and cells, as well as an integrated ice energy storage unit and a photovoltaic system.

The biggest saving potential comes purely from the in-store refrigeration technology, which contributes to around 50% of the whole energy consumption. Viessmann had already fitted the ESyCool system on behalf of Aldi Nord in a newly-built store back in late 2015, in Germany. A 12-month test was conducted and the energy efficiency of the installation passed successfully. It is believed that self-generated electricity from the photovoltaic systems will supply the cooling points in the market via a cooling circuit.

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