Amélioration de la chaîne du froid pour l'exportation de produits équatoriens (en anglais)

Les ministres du Commerce extérieur et de l'Intérieur ont décidé d'améliorer les conditions dans lesquelles la police anti-drogue vérifie les produits afin de ne pas interrompre la chaîne du froid.
On March 11, The Ministers of Foreign Trade, Francisco Rivadeneira and of Interior, José Serrano, agreed on improving the conditions in which the anti-narcotics police checks the products at the port of Guayaquil so that they don't interrupt the cold chain.

The Ministers agreed, in a tour that they took of the courtyards of the Narcotics police in the port of Guayaquil, to find the best way of taking advantage of this infrastructure in the near future.
To this end, the Ministry of Interior vowed to make the necessary adjustments so that in the coming months, the scanners and the cold rooms are part of an integrated control process of goods in one place, which will no longer disrupt the cold chain.