Augmentation des ventes de réfrigérateurs en France en 2015 (en anglais)

Les ventes de réfrigérateurs enregistrées en France en 2015 ont progressé de 4,7 % soit l'équivalent de 2,62 millions d'unités vendues.
Statistics released by GIFAM, the French Association of household appliance manufacturers, show that sales of refrigerators in France in 2015 increased by 4.7% and total sales reached 2.62 million units.

The market is mature, with a penetration rate of 98% in 2013, and most sales are therefore replacements.

French consumers have a marked preference for combined refrigerator/freezer models (44.4% of sales in 2015) for space-savings reasons. Double-door refrigerators represent 20.2% of sales, followed by single-door refrigerators (18.2% of sales), table-top models (9.1% of models), and American models (8.1% of sales).

Energy consumption is a major factor governing customer’s purchasing decisions.

In 2015, sales of freezers reached 711,000 units, down 0.7% compared with 2014. The consumer preference for combined refrigerator/freezer models undoubtedly experts a negative effect on sales of freezers.

Refrigerators and freezers together account for 27% of total sales of large household appliances in France.

Source: JARN, June 2016