Certains mélanges de fluides frigorigènes pourraient constituer une alternative au R134a (en anglais)

Une étude publiée par la SAE met en évidence que les mélanges de fluides frigorigènes AC5 et AC6 de Mexichem pourraient offrir une alternative conforme à la réglementation de l'UE au R134a, dans le domaine du conditionnement d'air automobile.
Research released by SAE provides further evidence that Mexichem Fluor's refrigerant blends AC5 and AC6 could offer EU regulation compliant alternatives to R134a in automotive air conditioning.

Conducted by Co-operative Research Programme, administered by SAE International, and sponsored by a number of major car manufacturers, research shows that AC6 (R445A) has an even greater margin of safety than R1234yf based on its reduced flammability characteristics. AC6 is a mixture of 1234ze(E), 134a and CO2 (85%/9%/6%).

Although the “mildly flammable” A2L class like R1234yf, rejected by Mercedes, is said to be less flammable.
It is also described as non-flammable at normal ambient temperatures, exhibiting flammability onset (by the ASHRAE test method) between 50 and 60°C. Its flammability range is also very small with an LFL higher than 1234yf.