Chine : rapport 2013 de l’industrie de la logistique de la chaîne du froid

Le volume total d'entreposage frigorifique en Chine représente environ 85 million de m3
Cold storage presents unreasonable structure despite constant rapid progress. As of late 2012,  statistics showed that the gross volume of cold storage in China surged by roughly 20% year-on-year to 85.35 million cubic meters. Congelation cold storage (including ice store)  volume registered 55.02 million cubic meters, refrigerant cold storage (including air-conditioned cold store) 30.15 million cubic meters and ultra-low temperature freezer 180,000 cubic meters.

In terms of cold storage construction, the nationwide top three are Henan Zhongpin Fresh Food Logistics Co., Ltd., Wuhan Wandun Cold Storage Logistics Co., Ltd. and Shandong Gaishi Agricultural Trade.

By type, the congelation cold storage occupies 60% of the total, while ultra-low temperature freezer accounts for less than 1%.
60% of cold storage is concentrated in East China.