De nouveaux frigorigènes à faible GWP font leur apparition

Asahi Glass et DuPont ont récemment annoncé le développement de nouveaux frigorigènes alternatifs à faible GWP.
Japanese refrigerant manufacturer, Asahi Glass, announced the development of a new refrigerant for use in air-conditioning systems.
With the brand name Amolea, it is described as a blend with a new hydrofluoro-olefin, HFO1123, as its main component.
Promoted as a replacement for R410A and a competitor to R32, the low-GWP single component refrigerant being pursued by most Japanese air-conditioning manufacturers.
Amolea is said to be mildly flammable (A2L classification) and to have a GWP of around half that of R32, suggesting a GWP of around 350. Said to provide equivalent performance to R410A, it has about the same charge.
Commercial production will start in 2016.

DuPont has announced the start this year of small scale production of a new low-GWP hydrofluoro-olefin – HFO1336mzz – to be used as foam expansion agent.
Also, it could ultimately have applications as an alternative refrigerant to HCFC123 in centrifugal chillers and as a working fluid in high-temperature heat pumps.
On top of its low GWP (less than 10), it is estimated to be of similar efficiency to R123 in chiller applications but has a volumetric cooling capacity 21% lower.

JARN, May 25, 2014