Des économies d'énergie grâce à un système au CO2 transcritique avec éjecteur

Depuis juillet 2013, le premier système au CO2 transcritique avec éjecteur installé dans un supermarché suisse a permis d'enregistrer des économies d'énergie de 15%.
Since July 2013, the first installed and operating transcritical CO2 system with ejector has registered 15% energy savings by reducing internal losses.

This system, installed at the supermarket Migros Bulle in Switzerland, has proven to save 60,000 kWh of electricity equivalent of 9,200 kg of CO2eq reduction. In fact, introducing an ejector into a vapour compression system results in small compressor power consumption and high evaporator performance: an ejector uses energy (normally lost in a conventional expansion valve) to increase the pressure of refrigerant drawn into the compressor.

This results in a compressor power consumption almost two-thirds smaller than the power consumption required using a conventional expansion valve cycle. Also, only liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporator, reducing pressure loss and improving evaporator performance.