Des irrégularités constatées dans des usines chinoises utilisant de l'ammoniac (en anglais)

Treize usines utilisant de l'ammoniac ont été pénalisés pour ne pas avoir procédé à des contrôles de sécurité après la fuite dans l'usine de réfrigération Weng, qui a coûté la vie à 15 personnes en août dernier.
Thirteen factories were penalized for failing liquid ammonia safety checks following the leak at Weng’s cold storage plant that killed 15 people last August.

By the end of September 2013, 145 plants using liquid ammonia had undergone checks, said the Shanghai Administration of Work Safety, with 997 safety risks uncovered.

Five factories were each fined 70,000 yuan (around USD 11,500) and a further eight were ordered to stop using equipment linked to safety risks, said the administration. Safety hazards included unqualified machinery, untrained staff and managers with poor safety knowledge.

Another campaign targeting liquid ammonia is going to take place and some factories could also be shut down, said officials.