Des réfrigérateurs en "libre-service" contre le gaspillage alimentaire à Berlin (en anglais)

L'association allemande, Lebensmittelretten, spécialisée dans la récupération et le partage de nourriture, a eu l'idée de placer plusieurs réfrigérateurs à travers Berlin pour lutter contre le gaspillage.
In Berlin several initiatives have been launched to fight food waste. Lebensmittelretten, a German association founded by Raphael Fellmer in 2012, aims to save food that has been sorted through by organic supermarkets and to share it free of charge.

More than 20 refrigerators, called FairTeiler (“fair distributors”) have been installed within Berlin’s city limits. Two of them are public and accessible around the clock, while the others have been installed in small shops. Private households can deposit food they don’t need.

Foods such as bread, vegetables and refrigerated products can be collected for free. Volunteers of the initiatives '' and '' maintain refrigerator cleanliness and supply collections.
These donations are received with enthusiasm by the young and the old, and even tourists have been spotted at these “cool” rescue points.