Étude "Doing Cold Smarter"

Dans la récente étude "Doing Cold Smarter" de l'Institut Energétique de Birmingham, les auteurs mettent en avant le rôle essentiel du froid dans un pays comme la Grande-Bretagne.
In the recent “Doing Cold Smarter” study leaded by the Birmingham Energy Institute, the authors stress that “even in a temperate country such as Britain, cooling is everywhere, and vital to many aspects of civilization: food, medicine, energy, data and industry.”

They underline that cooling demand is booming: “Worldwide energy demand for space cooling will overtake space heating by 2060, and outstrip it by 60% at the end of the century.” However, the authors stress that “we clearly need to do cold smarter, and we believe the answer is to radically improve efficiency by developing a new Cold Economy…”Cooling poses a massive environmental challenge, but could also represent a major business opportunity for Britain if our companies and research institutions can establish a global lead in clean cold technologies – potentially creating thousands of new British manufacturing jobs. We estimate the Cold Economy could generate annual global savings of between GBP 43 billion (EUR 58 billion) and GBP 112 billion (EUR 150 billion) – a vast potential market and one which is set to grow for the rest of this century.”