Indian government incentives for the cold chain

According to a statement last December, by the Indian Minister of State, around 30% of 68 million tonnes of fruit and 129 million tonnes of vegetables produced are wasted every year in the country for lack of sufficient cold storage infrastructure. Only 5400 cold stores (4875 of which are privately owned, 400 belong to cooperatives and 125 are public units) now deal with the crops of the world’s largest fruit producer and second largest vegetable producer.
In a series of measures encouraging farmers and company managers to double their output over the next few years, a multitude of financial incentives are offered by the Department of Agriculture and other state institutions, for the implementation of cold storage for produce and other food processing facilities.
In Punjab, the “wheat bowl of India”, for instance, Amritsar Airport is modernizing its cold storage and food handling facilities and is the 12th airport in the country to set up a modern perishable cargo centre in order to deal with rapidly increasing agricultural export figures. Exports of Indian fruit grew from USD 100 million to USD 280 over approximately the last two and a half years.