Japon: la révision de la législation sur les gaz fluorés bientôt en vigueur

Durant la conférence ATMOsphère Asie 2014, un membre du Ministère japonais de l'environnement a présenté les derniers développements relatifs à la révision de l'acte relatif à la récupération et la destruction des fluorocarbures promulguée en juin 2013.
During ATMOsphere Asia 2014, M. Kumakura, from the Japanese Ministry of Environment (MOE), presented progress made on the revision of the Act on Ensuring the Implementation of Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons concerning Designated Products promulgated in June 2013.

This revision is motivated by the steep increase in emissions of fluorinated gases as well as findings of high leakage rates from commercial air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
Currently under discussion, the focus of the amended Act will extend from recovery and destruction measures to cover the whole life cycle of fluorinated gases, specifically the manufacturing of HFCs, equipment containing HFCs and the use of such equipment. While taking into account energy efficiency, safety and economic affordability, manufacturers and importers of certain refrigeration and air conditioning systems will be requested to reduce the climate impact of their equipment by deploying non-HFC refrigerants and other low-GWP refrigerants.

Such measures will be based on the so-called Top Runner approach with sector-by-sector targets. In addition, fluorinated gas manufacturers and importers will need to carry out a HFC phase-down by means of producing lower GWP refrigerants.
According to Kumakura, the scope and frequency of leak check requirements are also under discussion.

Development of guidelines and standards will be finalised in 2014 with the revised Act anticipated to enter into force in April 2015.