L'Afrique du Sud envisage une législation sur les HFC "d'ici un an" (en anglais)

L'Afrique du Sud a l'intention de ratifier l'Amendement de Kigali au Protocole de Montréal avant son entrée en vigueur en janvier 2019 et de mettre en place une législation sur les HFC d'ici un an.
During the ATMOsphere Network Frigair 2018 held in June in Johannesburg, Obed Baloyi, chief director, chemicals management in the Department of Environmental Affairs said that within a year, South Africa will have in place "some kind of legislation" to regulate HFCs. The legislation would enter into force thanks to a "Climate Change Act", one of whose goal is to stop pumping HFCs into the South African market. This act should go to the parliament soon, according to Balovi.

This news was relayed by Shecco and is available following this link.