L'ammoniac et la glace pour refroidir les mines

Le refroidissement du sous-sol, où la température peut excéder 60°C est un défi de taille auquel est confronté l'industrie minière.
Temperatures in mines can exceed 60°C, so keeping the underground cool and safe for workers represents an enormous challenge for the mining industry.

Recently, a mine in South Africa started using ammonia as a cooling system solution. This system provides freezing temperature to produce solid ice which is sent down to a dam in the mine. It was proven to be more energy efficient than conventional chilled water refrigeration, offering savings of 6788 kW per year in pumping power consumption.

The typical system for cooling mines is to send iced chilled water down to the mines. However, as mines become deeper, the energy consumption and cost of pumping water down then up again can be significant, making ammonia a promising solution.